Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Venom Progress

Well, I'm making progress on Venom. Here it is colored with a simple generic background. Let me know what you think of it! I'm hoping to draw a real background to go with it eventually...

Posts will probably be a little spotty for the next week or so. I'm taking a quick trip to Chicago to watch a few Cubs games. That does mean ample time waiting around in airports to get more practice doing quick sketches of people. If I like any of that stuff, maybe I'll post that while I'm on my vacation.


  1. I dig it! I really like the shading. Can't wait to see it with a full on background! DESKTOP BACKGROUND anyone!?

  2. He looks pretty good.

    and by good I mean like an alien symbiote-roided up freak...

    nice job.

    Are you doing all the coloring and shading in photoshop or in Sketch Pro?

  3. Trevor - Thanks! Hope to have a background to go with this bad boy by next week.

    Brian - Thanks! All coloring/shading thus far has been done in Photoshop. I haven't had much time to use Sketchbook Pro lately but definitely need to try using that.