Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Sketch dump from an emotional week

I'm just getting around to posting a bunch of stuff from the past few days, as the last week or so has been a little emotionally draining. Friday was my last day of work at the company where I've worked for the past 6+ years. On top of that, the greatest grandma a guy could ever ask for died last Wednesday, which meant I took a quick trip back home to Iowa over the weekend for the funeral.

First up, here's a sketch I did of my grandma (actually my great grandma, but I always just thought of her as grandma) the night that she died... Does it look like her? Meh, sort of but not really. But what can I really expect from a drawing done shortly after finding out while also talking on the phone with my mom as I was drawing? Whether or not it looks much like her or not, this drawing is always going to have special meaning to me because of when I drew it.

Below are more sketches done to practice with brush pens. All of the sketches below were done with the Pentel pocket brush pen that was recommended to me last week. It definitely has a different feel than the Tombow and Prismacolor brush pens I had been using, but I'm definitely liking it.

And finally, the drawings below were done last night while watching television. Decided to put the brush pens down for awhile and pick up the pencil again, which I haven't used since going on my brush pen kick the last couple weeks.

Let me know what you think...

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  1. I'm sorry to hear about your grandma. :( Grandmas are the best. (take that, second cousins.)